BIO Products


„I am incredibly amazed by the effect we have obtained in the production of our ketchup thanks to Lutkala. We have put our trust into the natural and eco-friendly nature of this new product and, thanks to Lutkala thickener, the finished product has better structural and sensory properties. The taste improvement has been so extreme that we have decided to create a whole line of eco-friendly sauces. I am sure that the new ketchup will conquer the tables on every market.”


„At first, we have started the production of sugar-free jam using Lutkala with some dose of distrust and on a limited scale. The effect has exceeded our boldest expectations. The texture of the product has significantly improved in comparison to the previous products, and its taste has obtained the highest scores in all test groups.”


„Using Lutkala has allowed us to launch a new series of pastry products with increased fiber contents. This has been a real breakthrough when it comes to pro-health properties and the crispiness and taste have been scored very high. Thanks to this thickener, we have also been able to eliminate artificial flavors, which discourage customers from buying confectionery products to an increasing extent. Our cookies have quickly acquired new buyers and we intend to advertise them, featuring their nutraceutical properties.”