Bakery and confectionery products

Lutkala has high water retention properties, which makes it applicable as a thickener for products, such as bread and pastry. When used as an additive, it:

  • allows to bake healthy bread rich in fiber while ensuring easier production process. This is especially important for products intended for highly-developed countries, where the supply of high-fiber articles on the market is rapidly decreasing,
  • extends freshness,
  • allows to reduce sugar and fat contents,
  • enhances the texture and taste of gluten-free products,
  • may naturally supplement dietary fiber deficiencies without decreasing the sensory parameters.


  • bread, buns, baguettes,
  • sweet rolls, yeast buns,
  • cakes: sponges, yeast, shortcrust,
  • cookies, muffins,
  • gluten-free bakery and pastry.