Food products for children

The composition of food products for children is subject to strict monitoring. This is where the clean label is the most important. Lutkala contains 100% natural ingredients while ensuring a wide range of process properties necessary to obtain appropriate thickness, structure and texture of products for children. It is worth to choose our natural thickener because:

  • children have a tendency do choose highly processed products (white bread, biscuits, pasta made of white flour, etc.). In order to ensure a balanced diet, fiber-containing products need to be introduced into their menu. Lutkala is a perfect solution as 60% of its contents is pure fiber,
  • Lutkala has a neutral taste and introducing it to food stuffs does not disturb the natural smell and taste of the product. This allows for ‘concealing’ the properties beneficial for health in products such as, for example, cookies, which are eagerly accepted by the youngest, and creating products tailored to the needs and preferences of this fastidious consumer group,
  • it allows to reduce additional sugar contents.


  • fruit and vegetable purees,
  • ready-to-eat meals,
  • desserts,
  • healthy snacks.