Fruit processed products, fruits in jelly and fruit pulps

Until now, pectins have been the most commonly used thickeners for this type of products. However, they are relatively expensive and their production has a negative environmental impact, as it requires the use of many aggressive chemical reagents. It is worth to try our thickener instead of pectins, because:

  • Lutkala contains native pectins and no chemical transformations are involved in its production, so no sewage is generated;
  • regardless of the amount of sugar, it may be used for the entire acidity range of the solutions;
  • complete or partial replacement of pectins with Lutkala will allow you to:
    • lower production costs,
    • eliminate the negative environmental impact,
    • increase the fiber contents,
    • decrease the amount of additional sugar,
    • enhance the natural texture of the product,
    • simplify the formula in accordance with the “Clean Label” trend.
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