Fruit preserves: jams, jellies, and pulps

Until now, pectins have been the most commonly used thickeners for this type of products. However, they are relatively expensive and their production has a negative environmental impact as it requires the use of many aggressive chemical reagents. It is worth to try our thickener instead of pectins because:

  • Lutkala contains native pectins and no chemical transformations are involved in its production so no sewage is generated,
  • regardless of the amount of sugar, it may be used for the entire acidity range of the solutions,
  • complete or partial replacement of pectins with Lutkala will allow you to:
    • lower production costs,
    • eliminate the negative environmental impact,
    • increase the fiber contents,
    • decrease the amount of additional sugar,
    • enhance the natural texture of the product,
    • simplify the formula in accordance with the “Clean Label” trend.


  • jams and preserves (especially from apples, pears, raspberries, blueberries),
  • fruit sauces (ex. for ice-cream and other desserts),
  • fruit fillings (for cookies, cakes, yeast pastry, puff pastry),
  • fruit leather (traditional snack in Mediterranean countries, ex. from apple).