Ketchups, sauces, dressings

Lutkala is the optimal choice everywhere where you need to enhance the thickness, structure or texture of vegetable- and fruit-based products. It is an excellent thickener for ketchups, sauces, dressings, dips and other products of this type, because it:

  • ensures stabilization,
  • constitutes a natural alternative to guar gum, pectins and other chemical thickeners,
  • allows to create a product with a “clear” label, without the controversial “E” additives, which are avoided by more and more consumers worldwide,
  • binds water and oil, which makes it work as a natural emulsifier,
  • works within a broad range of temperatures and acidity,
  • is thermostable, so it is applicable in many production processes,
  • limits syneresis,
  • extends product shelf-life period,
  • contains large amounts of natural fiber, which allows to decrease the calorific value of products and increase their pro-health properties;
  • emphasizes the natural taste and smell of the product.
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