Lutkala is made only of natural raw materials. We process them using only physical processes, without introducing any chemical reactions. Thanks to this, our products maintain not only unique rheologic, but also pro-health, properties.

Our products have all of the advantages of natural raw materials. At the same time, thanks to the original, patented production technology, they have unique rheologic properties. As a result of using specific pressure, temperature and shearing force values, a range of structural changes occur in the raw material cells. They affect the change of viscosity, water absorption, expansion, oil absorption and other process parameters.

Why use Lutkala?

We manufacture our products mostly from apples, but also from oat, beets and cacao shell, as well as from residues from fruit and vegetable processing. Thanks to our experience, in addition to pomaces, we can extrude a wide range of raw materials. If you need a specific semi-finished product unavailable on the market, contact us – we are happy to help.


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The Lutkala thickener provides benefits in many areas at the same time.
Check which of them are important to you.

Rheologic properties

Lutkala is a hydrocolloid with a wide range of rheologic properties, which works to:

  • thicken;
  • stabilize;
  • structure;
  • bind water;
  • improve texture;
  • limit syneresis;
  • work as a natural emulsifier;
  • prevent ice crystal formation;
  • increase the stability of freezing and unfreezing;
  • jellify.

Food products marketing

The properties of Lutkala significantly increase the effectiveness of the marketing of food products in which our thickener was used.

The global consumer turn towards healthy nutrition means an increasing demand for food articles containing fiber. Lutkala includes natural apple fiber, which supports dietary nutrition.

The presence of a fiber-rich thickener in food products ensures their pro-health properties, which can be easily documented and presented in any marketing communication channel.

The increasing number of consumers resigning from meat due to their worldview is another argument for a completely plant-based “cruelty-free thickener”. The awareness that no living being was harmed during the production certainly affects the decisions made in front of the shop shelves.

It is also worth noticing that Lutkala does not contain gluten and can be eaten by people on a gluten-limited diet.

Lutkala is also perfect for:
• vegetarians and vegans;
• people on low-calorie diets;
• allergists;
• people avoiding gluten: on a gluten-free/low-gluten diet.

Clean Label

Lutkala is a natural replacement for chemical or synthetic thickeners, such as pectins, modified starch or xanthan gum. The use of Lutkala makes it possible to eliminate undesirable “E” ingredients, visible on the labels of many food products. Lutkala allows to change the perception of the product from “artificial” to “completely natural”, with an image desired by consumers. Lutkala is a thickener which perfectly fits the “Clean Label” trend.

Pro-health properties

Lutkala contains pure apple fiber. Fiber is well known for its health-promoting properties, like regulation of digest system, lowering level of glucose in blood or limitation of cholesterol absorption. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and, with Lutkala, it can be added to almost any food product, significantly increasing its nutraceutical properties.

With Lutkala you can limit or completely eliminate sugar in the formulas. This allows, for example, to produce jam which does not contain any supplementary sugar at all. Additionally, thanks to our thickener, the amount of fat in the product can be decreased without affecting its sensory properties.

Unique production process

We are the first company to develop a method of using extrusion for thickener production from fruits and vegetables residue. As a result of many years of experiments, we have discovered how to use this process for high-fiber raw materials processing, while increasing their rheologic properties. Thanks to this, we were able to develop a new generation of completely natural food thickeners. That is why we are the only company which can produce thickeners using purely physical method, without chemical reactions.

The breakthrough nature of our innovative natural raw material processing technology has been confirmed by a patent.

Twenty years of experience in extrusion, know-how and ISO and HACCP guarantee the quality of our products.

Lutkala – an environmentally friendly thickener

The increasing importance of the environmental footprint and turn to natural products provide Lutkala with an obvious advantage over the other thickeners. Even the production of pectins obtained from plant-based raw materials, such as apples or citruses, is a process which requires using many chemical raw materials. Moreover, this process generates large amounts of wastewater, so it has a negative impact on the environment.

The production of Lutkala is conducted through purely physical processes, during which water is not used, so no wastewater is generated. 

We can also proudly state that both our production processes and our products are “zero waste”, because we use pomaces, pulps and other residues from fruit processing, moreover, we do not generate any waste.

Our natural thickener is GMO-free. This is currently a controversial subject of public debate, as well as one of important factors taken into consideration by consumers.


Lutkala is so minimally processed that, in its pure form, it maintains the subtle aftertaste and smell of apples. When used as a thickener in small amounts, it does not change the smell or taste of the meals. In has a beneficial impact on the texture and structure of products, it increases succulence, as well as it ensures full taste of the final product.

Economic factors and price

Thanks to the fact that we do not use chemical reagents during production and we do not bear waste disposal costs, we can sell our product at a lower price than our competitors. Check us out!

Positive expert opinion of the Institute of Agriculture and Food Biotechnology in Poznań

Product rheologic characteristics confirmed by the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, department in Lublin