Do you need a high-quality 100% natural thickener? We do not use any chemical reagents at any stage of Lutkala production! Lutkala is produced from apple pomace. Our patented production process is based on extrusion. That is why Lutkala is a thickener that consists of 100% natural resources and its production is exceptionally eco-friendly. We can prove it – Lutkala is so minimally processed that, in its pure form, it maintains the taste and smell of apples.

Lutkala Multifunctional is used wherever you need to optimize:

  • viscosity;
  • thickness;
  • texture;
  • structure;
  • composition („clean label”);
  • health properties;
  • production costs.

Lutkala thickens, stabilizes, provides the desired texture and structure, prevents syneresis, gelatinizes, increases freezing and defrosting stability, as well as prevents the creation of ice crystals.

Lutkala is a completely natural replacement for chemical or synthetic thickeners, such as pectin, modified starch or xanthan gum. The use of Lutkala makes it possible to eliminate undesirable “E” ingredients from the label, according to the CLEAN LABEL trend.