Lutkala Pure


 Are you looking for a high-quality natural fiber? Lutkala Pure contains only plant fibers from apple pomace. The line is produced with the use of a patented extrusion method that does not require any chemical reagents. As a result, Lutkala is free from post-process impurities. Additionally, owing to the use of a unique technology, our thickener has excellent rheologic properties. That is why Lutkala not only enriches food with healthy fiber, but also allows for achieving desired parameters of food, such as structure or texture.

Lutkala Pure is used wherever you need to improve:

  • health properties;
  • fiber content;
  • calories reduction;
  • texture, viscosity or structure;
  • production costs.

Lutkala is so minimally processed that, in its pure form, it maintains the taste and smell of apples. The production process is exceptionally eco-friendly – this technology does not require water, so no wastewater is produced. Lutkala is 100% zero waste – residues from other production processes are used as raw material and no post-production waste is produced in the process.