Healthy food and “fit” products

Lutkala contains 100% natural ingredients, so it is an obvious choice anywhere healthy nutrition is of key importance. Lutkala consists in 60% of pure fiber, which has been scientifically confirmed to have pro-health properties. It is worth to use the process capabilities of this hydrocolloid, because:

  • in its pure form, it has a taste and smell similar to the natural raw materials from which it was made;
  • its production involves purely physical processes, without using any chemical processes at any production stage;
  • it does not contain any residues of chemical processes;
  • more than 60% of its contents fiber, which has a range of documented pro-health properties;
  • due to a unique production process, which loosens the dense fiber structure, it ensures greater availability of valuable ingredients naturally occurring in the raw materials, as opposed to unprocessed fiber.
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